Alice is living the life she always dreamed of: no ties, no constraints and no worries. As an only child, with her parents long gone, she's financially independent and has an undemanding job as a travel writer, working from her picturesque cottage in Sussex. Her life is one of carefree adventure, full of spa days, dinner parties and glamorous foreign travel.

Virginia is Alice's best friend - a busy hotel marketing manager, she is juggling the demands of her job, a mother who is declining into the chasm of dementia and a powerful mother-in-law who keeps enquiring when she'll hear the patter of tiny grandchild feet. The pressure is on and affecting Virginia and putting a strain on her marriage. The along comes a beautiful daughter, everything she and Piers, her husband, have dreamed of.

As with all best friends, Alice and Virginia's lives are entwined, until Alice's charmed existence comes to an abrupt end when she receives some devastating news - Virginia and Piers have been killed in a car crash. Then the solicitor tells her soemthing she had forgotten - she rashly ingreed to be legal guardian of their daughter, Scarlett. Suddenly, Alice's uncomplicated life is thrown into turmoil. Now she must come to terms not only with the loss of her oldest friend, but with the new-found responsibilities of being a single parent. So begins a journey that will force Alice to reassess her dreams, as she realises that sometimes the greatest adventures are the ones you never thought you'd take...

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