Buy one, get one free! Two authors for the price of one. Annie Sanders is, in fact, two people: Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders, and together they make a successful writing team with a string of best–selling novels and non–fiction titles to their name.

Sassy, witty and irreverent, they specialise in razor sharp social observation that will make you wince and laugh out loud in recognition. With their best–selling first novel, Goodbye, Jimmy Choo, they started a new trend in commercial fiction – the novel for the post–Bridget Jones generation: grown up girls who are older and wiser but still lust after everything life has to offer. Annie Sanders' follow–ups: Warnings of Gales, The Xmas Factor, Busy Woman Seeks Wife, and Gap Year for Grown Ups, Getting Mad Getting Even, Famous Last Words soon followed – all charting the painfully and hilariously recognisable vagaries of modern life.

Their latest is Instructions for Bringing Up Scarlett and is about the challenge of raising your best friend's child...

The Gap Year for Grown Ups
Getting Mad, Getting Even,
The Xmas Factor
Goodbye Jimmy Choo
Busy Woman Seeks Wife
Warning Of Gales
Famous Last Words
Instructions For Bringing Up Scarlett

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