Three women rent a holiday house in Cornwall for the summer. Each brings with her children, baggage (in every sense) and expectations. Imogen, who organised the holiday, is frighteningly capable and a bit of a control freak. With three children in whom she's invested her hopes and ambitions, she's well–informed and has an opinion on everything.

Sophie has been Imogen's friend, since boarding school. They don't see as much of each other anymore, and a good thing too, because her child rearing style – though well–intentioned – is haphazard to say the least.

And then there's Jo, an acquaintance of Sophie's roped in at the last minute when the first choice of housemate pulled out. A prickly, overworked, East London GP and single mother, she's very easy going with her son, and appears to be the polar opposite to Imogen...

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'For a more girly getaway, Annie Sander's Warnings of Gales is a riot...This is a must read for anyone planning a trip with friends...the perfect escape.' 

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